Reseller Plans that Soar Beyond

Experience the Ultimate Reseller Power: Elevate your hosting game with our cutting-edge reseller plans. Hosted on our high-performance cloud infrastructure, our reseller plans are designed to deliver exceptional speed and reliability.
  • Cosmo Reseller

    • 6 CPU Cores

      12GB RAM

      150GB SSD Storage

      4x IPv4 Addresses
  • Orion Reseller

    • 8 CPU Cores

      16GB RAM

      220GB SSD Storage

      6x IPv4 Addresses
  • Nebula Reseller
    • 12 CPU Cores

      32GB RAM

      350GB SSD Storage

      12x IPv4 Addresses
Included With Every Plan
  • Privately Owned Servers and Hardware
  • SSDs are Utilised in RAID 5
  • Advanced DDoS Mitigation
  • KVM Virtualisation
  • Full Root/Administrator Access
  • Custom Plans Available